Accommodation in Chianti

What kind of vacation accommodations are available to visitors to Chianti?

It's quite noteworthy that there are relatively few hotels in Chianti, in part because Chianti is a rural area with few towns of more than 10,000 inhabitants. Each the five main towns of Chianti has at least one hotel but visitors may well be tempted by the villa hotels in the countryside. These are historical villas that have been converted into boutique accommodation, usually preserving the characteristic features of the classic Tuscan villa. Farmhouses (case coloniche) are the main form of vacation rental accommodation in Chianti, Italy. Many websites and individuals refer to Chianti farmhouses as "villas" purely because they are stand-alone structures. In addition, many Chianti farmhouses have been divided up into self-catering holiday apartments. Another great form of accommodation in Chianti are Bed and Breakfast establishments. B&Bs can be found in the Chianti towns and villages but wine estates also offer this form of vacation lodgings. Another way of distinguishing among the villas, farmhouses, apartments and B&Bs of Chianti is to divide them into true Chianti agriturismi, meaning working agricultural concerns (fattorie, almost invariably wineries and/or olive oil producers), on the one hand, and all other rural holiday rental accommodations, on the other. There are a few Chianti farm stays where children will find farm animals to look at and sometimes to play with.

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Here are some links to a selection of hotels, holiday villas, apartments and B&Bs, mostly in the Chianti region but with some also in other interesting parts of Tuscany. All of these properties are known to me personally and they are all owner-direct reservations (i.e. no price markups).

Vacation rental accommodations and hotels in Chianti

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